Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Craft: Birthday Banner

We are approaching Jack-Jack's 3rd birthday this weekend. I always like to have a banner up for birthdays and thought it would be great to make a banner that we could reuse throughout all these birthdays we have coming up. If it lasts several years we are all that much better off!

Well since you asked. Here are the directions:
  1. I bought 12 sheets - 9x12 of felt, 2 of each color, at Joann Fabrics. I cut one of each color in half and the addition of two others leaving you with 16-9x6s and 4-9x12s.
  2. I folded the 9x6s in half the same direction I originally cut and then cut the fabric with my rotatory cutter from the top outside corner to the bottom inside corner leaving you with a triangle once unfolded. I continued this until I had 14 triangles. Leaving the 2 extra-9x6s for later use.
  3. I cut out letters in cardboard to trace on the extra 9x6s and 4-9x12s. I made sure to use the complimentary color for each triangle so that the lettering would stand out better. I continued by tracing each letter out and cutting them. You can print the letters off of the computer and trace from those. I added a star between Happy Birthday to separate the words but that was just my preference.
  4. Pin letters onto triangle, make sure the triangle are facing downwards. Then stitch on to fabric directly. I used a straight stitch but you can use a zigzag stitch.
  5. Add 3 yards of bias tape or ribbon to the top sew about 12" from edge so you'll have room to hang it. Add any extra details you want or change the wording to your liking. I overlapped my banner because I was short about 2' of bias tape and liked the look anyway so I just tried it out.

This project can also be done using regular fabric as long as you use some sort of backing to stiffen the material but felt was heavy enough without this. Let me know if there are any questions. Hope that helps!


Shenille said...

Love it! How did you make it??

Bonewell said...

So cute! Are you guys doing a birthday party??? It'd be fun to see everyone!