Friday, January 29, 2010

Jack-Jack turns 3!

This little man has grown up so much this past year! He is a wonderful part of our family. He is our little joker and makes the silliest comments at just the right time to get everyone laughing. He is best buddies with Rex and would do anything for him. Jack-Jack is a great older and younger brother. He helps out with anything that he is asked and smiles most the time. He is very creative and loves to explore. With the help of his older brother, he can do some pretty crazy things for a kid so young! He is very independent and always wants to show us how he already knows how. He cracks me up with his little comments here and there. Recently Mr. A told him to get back on his bed and go to sleep. He quickly got up on his bed and then told Daddy to leave so he could get down! He definitely keeps us on our toes! We love him so much. Happy Birthday Big Guy!

We threw Jack-Jack a birthday party with our family here in St. George. I made him a monster truck cake in green since he loves trucks and dirt. Mr. A drew a large picture of Eeyore on newsprint and then made tails so the kids could all play pin the tail on the donkey. Our kids weren't much up for it except for Katie who had multiple turns. Jack-Jack was showered with lots of fun gifts and Grandpa B is known for his creative way he wraps his present for the kids. It was fun to see Grandpa laughing so hard when Jack-Jack finally gave up after opening the third envelope! There were still two more to go but he figured nothing was worth that much work, little stinker! All in all I think my little man was thoroughly spoiled and celebrated!


Bonewell said...

Thanks for inviting us to his birthday! I have alot of fun when we all get together. Hey, I'm still figuring out this blog thing...I was following alot of people and then some how they all got deleted or something and it said I wasn't following them anymore...? Does that make sense to you at all? I had to go back and add you and a bunch of other people. I don't even know how to check comments or anything. Anyway, let me know if you know how that would have happend! I added you back tho...I'm pretty sure. weird. K! luv ya! luv kels

Shenille said...

Once again GREAT cake. You are the master! I love Jack-Jack's expression in the picture with the ball, what a cutie!

Gramma & Grampa said...

Jack-Jack sure is growing up! What a handsome birthday boy! Love you lots Jack-Jack! G&G Alvey