Friday, February 5, 2010

Activity Days: Healthy Lifestyle

We started this activity off with Stake Leaders coming to observe us. I think it was a little overwhelming just preparing for that! It ended up being only one leader and she works at the kids elementary school as the librarian so nothing to worry about in the end.

Physical Bodies
We talked about the Plan of Salvation including the connection of our physical and spiritual bodies. We used a glove to explain this. Next we placed categories were placed on the wall and there was a basket full of items to be categorized.

  • Exercise: running shoes, jump rope, ball
  • Healthy Foods: apple, nuts, water bottle
  • Good Hygiene: Soap, toothpaste, toothbrush
  • Protecting our bodies: sunglasses, sunscreen, lotion
  • Rest: pillow, blanket
  • Things to avoid: cigarettes (picture), beer (picture)
We discussed the need for living a healthy lifestyle and allowed the girls to give their ideas but also made sure they knew additional benefits too.

Spiritual Bodies
We used an object lesson to help them better understand what a healthy spirit entails verses an unhealthy spirit. First we placed ice cream which represented our clean spirit and then added toppings:
  • Kindness = chocolate syrup
  • Scripture reading = bananas
  • Obedience = caramel sauce
  • Prayer = chocolate sprinkles
  • Family Home Evening = strawberry sauce
This entails a healthy spirit and then if we add other items:
  • Cruelty = mustard
  • Lying = dog food
  • Bad words = dirt
The spirit is quickly contaminated and without the atonement of the Savior we cannot remove these from our spirits. With repentance we can be made clean again and enjoy our healthy spirit. We let the girls prepare their own "healthy spirit"!

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Troy and Heather said...

Alisha, Thank you so much for posting your Activity Day ideas. I never take the time to go looking for ideas online, and I always know I can go straight to your blog to get a great idea. You are a lifesaver for me. You are so awesome. THANK YOU!!