Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's/President's Day Weekend

First, exciting news little Matthew took his first step while showing Tim that he could stand up all by himself. He fell right down but at least made one step before doing so!

Secondly, Taylor lost a tooth the day before Valentine's Day so the tooth fairy came the eve of Valentines. He was thrilled!

Our Valentine's/President's weekend started off with an ugh! Taylor came home from school Thursday afternoon with the flu. He was supposed to be performing in the first grade program later in the afternoon but didn't make it past lunch, darn it! He made sure to share all his yuckiness with his little brothers. Our house was full of sickos most of the weekend. Taylor and William felt well enough Saturday to attend the Primary Activity. Katelyn went to her friend, Mia's birthday party at the same time so we had about an hour without the older ones. Zack and I took the younger boys over Star Nursery and got our garden seeds for this year! It was so much easier with just the two little ones in tow! Sunday everyone seemed to be doing really well so I got everyone ready while Zack attending his morning meetings. Halfway through sacrament meeting Joshua wasn't doing so hot and William was begging to just lay down. I ended up taking all the younger boys home while Zack covered my primary lesson for me. William went straight to sleep when we got home on the living room floor and remained that way until 4pm, our sacrament meeting was at 9 am! Joshua just laid down most the day with his eyes glazed over. Matthew didn't seem any better and fussed until I fed him and put him down for a nap. When they were all awake and kicking we gave them their Valentine's and told them all how much we loved them. Zack surprised Katelyn and me with flowers for Valentines!

Since I got to spend so much time with sick kids I was actually able to get a little project done! I found this great idea for a wreath at and since I love wreaths I thought it was perfect for a little Valentine's decor. Monday was great after everyone had been sick I cleaned the house while Zack played with the kids and then we all played games and had fun just being a family. Just like its supposed to be!

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