Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Preschool: Letter O for Olympics

We had preschool today covering letter O and I decided that covering the Olympics would be a blast for the kids! I started talking about what the Olympics is, how often it takes place, what games there are, etc. We sang a song for our opening ceremony The More We Get Together and then headed outdoors for our own Olympic games.

Preschool Olympic Games:

  1. The discus throw (using paper plates)
  2. Hug-a-balloon-friend, I had the kids pick partners and then they held the balloon between them without using hands. They had to run/walk to the finish line
  3. Basketball shoot, had each child shoot the basketball, they each had four different places to shoot from each one closer than the next
  4. Backwards relay, they raced backwards to one location and then tagged their teammate and etc until they crossed the finish line
  5. Egg relay, using plastic eggs and spoons without dropping the egg off the spoon they went around a t-ball set and back to the starting line and traded with their partner
  6. Race, we had the kids race across the yard and back

Our closing ceremony I gave each child an Olympic "medal" to wear and we took their picture. I let the kids draw pictures of what they did until their parents came to pick them up. It was lots of fun!

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