Thursday, March 18, 2010

Activity Days: Chores

I found many ideas for Developing Talents #7 from the website, created by a lady who was an Activity Days leader for 3 years. She has lots of information and fun ideas!

First we cut strips of the words from Exodus 20:12 and D&C 58:27, we unscrambled the phrases to complete the scriptures. I then asked the girls questions in regards to these scriptures and talked about how helping around the house is important for each one of us.

Second, I set up a chore relay for the girls to do including picking up and folding towels on the bathroom floor, wiping off the mirror (I used a little dry erase marker as the smudge), make a bed, change a diaper (don't worry it was just a doll), hang up a shirt and put the toys away. We timed them and they all cheered each other on. It was highly competitive!

Third, I had the girls list 5 things they do around the house and 5 things they could do around the house. We then made coupon books using our lists. It worked out well!

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