Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break 2010!

Our Spring Break was rather eventful without much traveling. I made sure to keep everyone quite busy. We played, watched movies, read Harry Potter with the older kids, built wooden puzzles, did crafts, planted our garden and a half dozen trees, took care of my parents dog while my parents were away, played with cousins and kept Zack doing lots of fun projects. He set up a laundry line, planted several trees, put trim around the front windows, built shutters, added closet doors to the kids' closets, built a shelf in our shed and built me a wooden bench for our entryway!

I figured if he was home for a week I better get him working on the honey-do list before he was too busy again! It rained most of the week so we had many activities to do indoors until the weather cooperated. I was amazed at how much Zack accomplished in such a short time, I think I'll keep him! My camera is not working properly and I've been working with it as much as I can but I think it is time it gave up the ghost cause my pictures are suffering and we have many pictures to take in our future! If you have any recommendations please let me know.


Shenille said...

First of all Zack: I am totally impressed with your wood working skills, the bench looks great!
You guys are always doing such fun stuff!
Camera: I am a big fan of canon's

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

I have a Nikon P80. We got it last year just as the P90 was coming out so we got a pretty good deal. We got in in May, I believe. I love it because it has great zoom (good for swimming lessons, sports, etc) and you can hold the button half way down to focus and then as soon as you get just the right shot, push it the rest of the way and there is NO delay like you usually have with a digital camera. Comes in handy with kids. ;o)