Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

We traveled up north for Zack's brother, Charles' graduation this past weekend. Zack, Katelyn and Taylor all got out of school on Friday since the graduation was that evening at the University of Utah. We made our usual stop on the way at the playground in Fillmore as all the kids were fed up with being in the car at that point. After we let everyone stretch their legs and get a little playtime in we got on our way again. The journey is always daunting but we had fun when we finally arrived!

We had a little time to play in Grandma Benson's backyard and visit before enduring the lengthy graduation Friday evening. We are very proud of Charles and all his hard work the past four years. Way to go Charles!
After the graduation was over the rest of the weekend was lots of playing. First we helped Charles and Erica move into their new home in Roy, Utah. It will be an adventure for those two! We ate lunch and played at Chuck E Cheese's shortly after getting them unloaded. The kids loved playing all the games and shared the fun with their Grandpa and Grandma Alvey. We also enjoyed a BBQ and Frisbee golf before heading to bed.

On our way home we took a lot more breaks since everyone was really tired of being in the van. We stopped over in Scipio to take a potty break and noticed a little petting zoo on the side of the gas station for free. We let the kids play with the animals before piling everyone back in the car. Matthew cried for the remainder of the trip!

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