Tuesday, May 18, 2010

William's 5th Birthday

Our little William has reached the milestone of 5 years old! He is thrilled to be old enough to now start kindergarten and be independent of Mom and the babies aka Matthew and Joshua. He has grown up so much this past year alone. He's no longer one of the little boys. William checked the mailbox everyday leading up to his birthday for cards, which he loves to get, even a couple days after too! We celebrated William by hosting a little party with his preschool friends Thursday followed by a joint birthday party with his uncle TJ and him at my parents house on Saturday afternoon. He loved all the attention and gifts! He was so excited to share his birthday party but wanted to know who was getting the presents and who wasn't. When I told him they would both be getting presents he decided it was the best idea ever! My mom made a birthday cake for TJ and I made dirt cups (chocolate pudding covered with smashed up oreos with little gummy worm on top) for everyone to share. It was a good time for all!

William is such an energetic little guy and loves to play and play hard! He still is in love with all things boy: dinosaurs, race cars, balls, wrestling and anything rough and tough. He is so ready for kindergarten and has kind of given up on preschool, deciding he's too big for such trivial things. He is still very nurturing and loving to his family. He loves having friends to play with and makes sure everyone is included. William is a very determined kid. He has brought a lot of love to our family and teaches us new things everyday! We love our tough guy!

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