Monday, July 26, 2010

Pioneer Day Weekend

We headed up to Duck Creek for Pioneer Day weekend to go camping with my family. We stopped off at Wendy's on our way up to go camping. They had some pretty fun comedian masks that the kids got! It was funny to see each of them trying on the glasses.

The weather was great the whole weekend! The kids had fun playing in the trees, dirt and running a muck! My parents brought their four wheelers which the kids loved! We ate, played, got very dirty and kept going until we were exhausted. By night time we crashed hard!

Matthew was very into the dirt. He ate it, spread it in his hair, played with it and just plain loved it! He was a mess the whole time. I washed him about 10-15 times a day.

We also played on the four wheelers a lot! The adults and kids all got plenty of turns playing in the dirt. They had lots of fun trails to ride.

After we were done camping we headed over to Bryce Canyon to have a look around. It is immense!


Laney said...

What a fun camping trip. You guys have such a cute, fun family!!

Goldie said...

It looks so fun! I'm sad we weren't there :-(