Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Swimming at Grandma's house

My mom went in for surgery on her tailbone on Friday afternoon. It was a in and out kind of surgery but her recovery is around 6 months. When the doctor got in there he was surprised to see she was missing part and the tail bone was split in two going opposite directions! This should make her much more able as she has been dealing with it for a few years now. We went over to their house Saturday afternoon to see how she's coming along and then swim. She's on her way to a slow recovery but it should make her much more able later on. The kids loved swimming! Matthew is a little fishy, he loves the water!


Gramma & Grampa said...

Hopefully your mom's recovery goes well. The swimming looks like a lot of fun. A great way to end the day.

Goldie said...

That's looks so fun! I'm not even going to show Denton and Julia. They will be sad they aren't there.