Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Best Friends Forever

Katie's best friend since we moved into our neighborhood Ilea just moved to Lehi. Both girls were quite upset having to be separated. Since we were up in Salt Lake we decided to surprise Katelyn and make a stop over to their house. Our visit was unannounced but both girls just beamed being able to see each other and Ilea's family was rather pleased to see us. We have been so blessed with great neighbors and lots of children our kids' ages. Several families in the neighborhood have girls Katelyn's age and then boys Taylor and William's ages. It is great letting them play in groups together. I still can remember some of my friends when I was 10. We moved around a lot when I was growing up which was hard but I had the chance to meet lots of great people along the way. I am thankful that my kids have been able to get to know lots of great people too. We are sad when friends move away but it gives us a chance to grow too. I hope Katelyn will be able to keep in contact with her friends as they move away, I know I've been able to make contact with lots of my friends from the past and enjoy them in my life.

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