Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

While we were staying at Grandma Benson's house for Jed's graduation, Zack's cousin Julie invited us to do an Easter Egg hunt Saturday morning. There was lots of candy and kids galore! We were able to visit with lots more family after which was great. When we lived in Salt Lake we saw lots of Zack's family all the time but now when we come visit it is a hit or miss depending on when we're up north. We are thankful for families. Zack's Grandma Benson has always welcomed us to her home with open arms. We really appreciate her willingness to take us in. I know Krystal always thought of Grandma Benson's home as her home. It made me feel a little bit closer to her just being there.

We got home late Saturday night and by Sunday morning we all felt the strain of so much traveling. It took us quite awhile to even discover what the Easter Bunny had left for the kids and still Matthew was having a meltdown by then. The kids all got a Beanie Baby and a chocolate bunny, not very extravagant but still nice. It has been nice to visit with so much family the past several weeks but we all appreciate being home. Life will never be quite the same but being home just makes things feel a little better. I am so thankful for the atonement and resurrection of our Saviour Jesus Christ. This Easter took on a little more meaning, I had a miscarriage back in October and we lost Krystal in April. I know that this life is just part of our journey. We'll return back to Heavenly Father and those who have past before us. Jesus Christ loves us enough to make sure we have been given that blessing. I want to live worthy of it!

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Laney said...

How fun! I'm glad there were some bright spots amongst all the heartache the last couple of weeks. I'm super jealous of all the family time, too. Your kids are growing up so much. I can't believe K is 10!!!