Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Anniversary

This year I decided to make Zack a candy gram, it was lots of fun and quite tasty! It says:

Happy Anniversary Zack,

I love you to (Recess' pieces)! You are (Extra) special! I know this is corny but please don't (snickers). You are a (sweetarts). You have always (junior mints) so much to me. Be(twix) you and me, I am so thankful you (Jolly Rancher fruit chews) to be with me. Sometimes we drive each other (peanuts) but we have (mounds) of fun together. Being with you is a (almond joy). There are (Good & Plenty) of reasons I love you!
your (butterfinger) half

I cannot believe we've been together for 11 years! It has been a very fulfilling life that the two of us have lived! 5 years of college including a bachelors and a masters degree, #6 baby on the way, we own our own home, enjoying lots of fun events in life, we strengthen each other during the hard times and cheer each other on during the good ones. We love each other much more today than when we got married. Life is a definite journey, I'm sure glad that I get to have my best friend by my side through it all.


Keri said...

Baby #6!!! Wow, you guys are amazing!! Congrats!!

Darci said...

Congrats on 11 years. That is so awesome. And number 6, here is hoping for a sister for Katie. I feel like we are so far behind:) Hopefully we can start adopting as soon as Dave graduates and gets a real job.

Colby and Jessica said...

baby!! fun!