Sunday, September 18, 2011

Little Boys' Room

With baby on the way, we've been moving the kids rooms around a bit to make it all work out. We put the little boys downstairs and painted the walls a soft blue. It didn't quite look right with purple walls and butterflies.

 Both boys seem to love their new room and adjusting quite nicely! I found quilts at TJ Maxx and the metal stars as a consignment shop. My grandpa was a manager for the Union Pacific Railroad and so we have collected a few trains along the way.

The picture on the wall is actually four little yarn pieces that Zack's mom had made for him when he was a little boy. He never wanted to part with them and so they've become part of the boys decor.

This room has plenty of sentimental value to it and will easily adjust as these little men grow up! It has been fun making this home feel more and more like mine as we change things to our family and not just what was here originally.

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Shenille said...

love the color of the walls. you have some serious interior decorating skills, looks great!