Thursday, September 15, 2011

My, oh my!

Zack was complaining that I don't take enough pregnancy pictures since Katelyn was born 10 years ago. You know first pregnancies everyone seem to take pictures of their growing bellies at least monthly but when you've had lots of babies it just isn't exciting to get fat! I decided to let Zack have his way and made him take pictures of me, right after he got home from church! This is my seventh pregnancy so there is no hiding this baby! We are down to the final countdown with only a few weeks left and weekly doctors appointments until she arrives. I am quite antsy to have her out and about but willing to wait for a healthy baby is worth it. Wish me luck! 


Michelle said...

Good luck!!

Keith and Laura said...

Good luck! How exciting for you to be having another girl!

Shenille said...

Good luck! You're almost there! Can't wait to see the new baby girl!