Thursday, May 10, 2012

Brooklyn is 7 months old

Baby Brooklyn has grown so much lately! She has her two bottom teeth in, she rolls all over the place, she babbles all the time and she growls! She loves to play with toys, sit up and watch people. Brooklyn is very friendly. Most the ladies in the ward love to just snuggle her on Sundays while Mommy and Daddy are working in the primary. Brooklyn has really enjoyed playing with her brothers and figured out how to growl back at them. They absolutely love her attention and she loves them too! She is getting more clingy to Mommy but still loves the attention of others. Brooklyn has a very fun little personality and it shines through more each day. She loves to eat whatever she sees. She is always putting things in her mouth: toys, food, hair, hands, ladies jewelry, etc. The day her first tooth broke through her gums she started to chew on her thumb but it really hurt so she grabbed Mommy hand and chewed on her thumb! Smart little thing! Brooklyn loves bath time and just coos when she is splashing in the tub. This little girl is such a joy to be with. We sure love having her!

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