Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Taylor's 9th Birthday

Our sweet Taylor has grown up way too fast! We celebrated Taylor with lots of birthday hugs, wishes, butterfingers for his classroom and a family party at home. He was so thankful for all the wonderful gifts and wishes on his birthday. He felt really special and wore a huge grin on his face all day long! Taylor is a great brother, he teases Katie without restraint, wrestles his little brothers to his heart's desire and is so gentle with his baby sister. He is a great helper, Mr. Independent, a loving young man and a hard worker. Taylor has been doing awesome in school this year; he tests above grade level in Math, Reading and Social Studies. Taylor has found a real passion for baseball and works really hard at it. Taylor loves adventure books, legos, playing sports, riding bikes, playing with friends, socializing, wrestling and being with his family. He is very loving and makes sure to hug his mom before he goes anywhere. He is so sweet with Brooklyn and loves to get her laughing, which she does pretty regularly for him. Taylor makes friends super easy and is always with a big group of friends. Taylor is a good boy and has really gained a testimony this year. His primary teacher says he is really intune with the spirit and seems to understand the gospel. He has really grown up this past year! We love you, Taylor! Happy Birthday little man!  

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