Monday, February 25, 2013

Matthew's 4th Birthday Party!

Our sweet, mischievous Matthew is 4 years old! We threw a Super Hero birthday party for him with all the family. During the party when Zack brought in the cake Matthew wouldn't stop trying to blow out the candles before we were done singing so Zack had to cover his mouth. He was being pretty silly the whole time. It was a good party and he was definitely spoiled! We got him a bike which he was thrilled with until he noticed another toy and didn't quite make it to the bike before he was distracted. Eventually he tried it out. Matthew keeps us laughing! He loves super heroes and always claims to be a new super hero when he gets up in the morning. "Today my nickname is Batman!" he says while dressing up in a batman costume. Good thing I've been keeping all their costumes over the years. We have quite the stash! 

He was so excited for his birthday! He took a little convincing that he was turning four instead of 29 but by party time he was telling everyone that he was four. This little man is quite a busy body. He gets into about everything and wants to know everything. He loves to play rough with his brothers but is also gentle with his little sister. He is very loving and affectionate. He is all boy and loves all things gross and tough. We love our Matthew and all he is! 

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