Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Our spring break was more project based than vacationing! The kids got to lounge around and play computer games, watch movies, eat junk and just be lazy but I took the opportunity to work on some projects/the honey-do-list to get things a little nicer at home while Zack had a "little extra time on his hands."

We had some builders add an awning to the backyard. The Awning Company was great and did a fantastic job! The shade is so awesome and it looks great too!

Zack and I redid the cabinets in the kitchen. They were getting quite dingy and I wanted to brighten the place up! He had us sand them all the way down to get everything off. I had him add a bit of bead board for that wow factor! It turned out really nicely! We are both so glad to be done with that project.

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