Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bonewell Easter Egg Hunt 2013

We've been having an annual Easter egg hunt and dinner with my parents for the past several years. The kids were spoiled without end this year! What a stash! The kids loved finding eggs that the "older boys" hid over at my parents ward building. There was a large field and lots of bushes to hide/find eggs. Everyone was kind enough to bring a lot of plastic eggs filled with goodies for the kiddos but snitching candy? That's only for moms! Please excuse my boy! He thinks clothing is optional!

We had a great dinner provided by everyone. Lots of yummy food! Plenty of leftovers too. Karen was the queen of clean keeping the cleanup under control. It was great!

No family get together is quite complete without a arm wrestling match to finish off the evening! And the winner is...We loved having so much family around for the week! My cousin Karen, her husband Spencer and their four children came down from Washington. My brother Brandon, his wife Goldie and their four kids came over from Michigan. Plus all the family who lives in town, minus Grandpa and Grandma Belt who were enjoying the holiday at home, were all together. Lots of kiddos to play with!

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Gramma & Grampa said...

Looks like lots of good times had with family and friends! Look forward to getting together soon.