Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter morning

What a great Easter morning! Our little ones were so excited for the Easter part later in the evening that they were totally surprised that there was a small Easter treat for them when they woke up. Zack and I stayed up rather late while I made liners for their Easter baskets cause I'm a bit crazy like that! They turned out really nicely and now they have baskets we can use year after year instead of the regular sand pails and buckets that are broken or missing well before summer is over.

This picture was so hard to take. Oh my lands! Little Miss Brooklyn was not cooperating and the sun was bright so the other kids were squinting. If you look closely you notice Joshua has something inside his cheek. No wasting time getting all the sugar in before church! I love my children, they just keep us really busy and working hard!

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Keith and Laura said...

The photo looks great! It is fun to read all the updates about your family.