Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Frog Party and a Hopping Good time!

William had a frog party for his 8th birthday party.  There is a park here in town where there are lots of frogs which William loves! We went crazy with the frog theme! I made frog invitations that had the actual announcement on the frogs tongue. 

Matthew helped me find a frog piñata at the party store which we filled with lots of yummy treats especially sour ones. William loves sour candies! We played a treasure hunt game where the kids found frogs all over the park. We had frog cupcakes that were yummy and super cute. 

We tried leap frog but tag worked out better with all these kids. The kids even went over to the little stream and collected tadpoles. Later on we had my family join us for dinner plus more partying for William. William was showered with lots of gifts and had a great time!

We are so thankful for our William and all the life he brings to our home!

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