Thursday, May 16, 2013

PVHS Talent Show hosted by Zack

It's time once again for the annual PVHS talent show and who's hosting this year? Why none other than Mr. Alvey. Zack gets such a kick out of the school assemblies at Pine View. The talent show is his all time favorite one. The big hoorah before the end of the year! He had it set up like the Jimmy Fallon late night show. The kids loved it too! He included the jazz band in all their little skits and jokes. Mr. Candland is a great sport too. Zack had a student with a good announcer voice help him out with several little goofy things throughout the routine. He even finished things out with a punk band that sang a song just about his classes, "Alveyworld."

 It's these performances and goofing around that help make teaching a little more enjoyable for him. He loves teaching and watching the growth of his students but he loves the goofy side of teaching best of all.

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alvey said...

Alisha, you are the coolest wife ever. I love your blog, it is so fun to read and you say such nice things. I Iove it.