Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Newsletter 2007

Dear Family & Friends,

Due to the inevitable passing of our beloved computer printer, we will be sending out our Christmas newsletter email style. We apologize to those of whom this may be an inconvenience; our printer stopped all progress about two weeks ago. Well, here goes...

This year has been quite a blessing for our family! We welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Jack-Jack, January 29. He has been a wonderful addition. He has even started walking early as he is ambitious to keep up with his brothers and sister. Jack-Jack is a great little guy with a hug and smile for anyone he meets. He loves his big brothers and sister. Right now he is very into climbing and walking, TROUBLE!!! He likes to play in water, follow his brothers around and sit with his sister to hear a story. Jack-Jack is truly a gift from God. Little babies bring a spirit in the home that cannot be found anywhere else.

Rex is 2 years old and keeps us all on our toes! He loves to wrestle with his brothers, tease his big sister and get into everything possible. Rex loves Elmo, horses, his family, playing in the dirt, jumping off anything over 3 feet tall and being rather mischievous. He has learned to be very independent but still wants to sleep with Daddy & Mommy when the monsters are hiding in his closet! We love him and all his energy! Rex is learning to talk very well. His primary teachers are enjoying the earful they get every Sunday. He speaks very clearly and has lots to say. Everyone needs to hear one of his songs. Mr. A is our ward choir director and Mr. A has gone a few times, he now sings song about everything from what he is eating to what is playing on the radio. He especially likes to hear "Here comes Santa Clause!" He is at the stage when Christmas finally gains that excitement that gives you goose bumps and twinkles in all the little children's eyes!

Obi is 4 years old! He started preschool at DSC in August and has been thoroughly enjoying the experience. His little neighbor, carpools to and from school with him. He has learned a lot both in ABCs, 123s and how to make friends. He has always been very into structured environments, but change is very hard on him. He seems to adjust well since he began preschool. He will be starting kindergarten in the Fall and is very excited to be a big boy! Obi is a very playful child, he loves to play outside, ride his bike & scooter, run around, wrestle with his Dad and brothers, pretend and just be a kid! He is such a fun little guy and very loving. He loves being a big brother and looks up to his sister. He asked Santa Clause to bring him Star Wars guys and a girl for Bella to play with. Obi is thrilled for Christmas and is already trying to sneak a peak at the presents!

Bella is 6 years old and in 1st Grade. She loves to read, write stories, and especially draw! Her teacher says that she is on a 2nd grade reading level and an excellent artist. She comes home and creates pictures and stories almost everyday. Bella has a great imagination and catches onto everything. She has become quite the mama hen and helps Mommy with her little brothers all the time. She loves to be independent! Bella is our little princess and more so every time that she gets a new brother! She is hoping for a sister one of these days but wouldn't trade her brothers for the world! Bella is very creative and is starting to help with projects around the house. She is a very smart and good girl!

Mrs. A is busy in the home with four children. She longs for a home of their own but makes due in our town home. She loves to cook, stitch, read, take pictures of her children, and decorate. Our home has been blessed by our experiences. We enjoy homemade bread, a clean, peaceful home, healthy, happy children and a calm atmosphere in our home! Life has had many trials for our family this past year with our housing (our town home has been up for sale since this past March) and job (Mr. A was laid off his second employment) but the Lord has blessed us immensely. As long as we follow the guidance of our prophet we are blessed.

Mr. A is busy with work! Teaching his third year of school has been a very good but trying experience! He has his very own computer lab which he loves immensely. If he just had enough computers for all the students things would run a lot smoother. This past year he was out several computers in his lab due to some computer malfunctions and a few more students than anticipated. Now that all that is taken care of he can get back to focusing on the teaching aspects of his job. Mr. A had been working for a small financial company who underwent some financial turbulence and couldn't continue his employment. It was quite a let down but we were able to find another job in a very short amount of time. He now spends his evenings working for Infowest, an Internet provider here in St George. It has given him the opportunity to learn some new things and keep his mind very busy. He really enjoys this new opportunity! He is away from the wife and kids more than he would like to be but for now this works for our family, especially when we get to play together on Saturdays!

Our family has seen the Lord's hand in our lives. We know that he is aware of our needs and provides us with the things that we seek after. Christmas is a wonderful time to celebrate our Saviour's birth. He has blessed our lives with his grace! Always keep the spirit of Christmas in your hearts. We love you all and are mindful of you. Hug your kids a little tighter and remember the reason for the season!

We send you warm holiday wishes,
Our Family

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