Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry Christmas

Our family enjoyed a wonderful Christmas here in St George. We were not able to enjoy the snow that so many did this year but we enjoyed the spirit of the holiday season! We were all spoiled by the many gifts and notes that people sent our way. It was a blast for the children and exciting for Mr. A and me to see their pleasure! Christmas morning was a little struggle for everyone to wake up but as soon as they got started opening presents they were thrilled!
Mr. A got a leather jacket for Christmas and tried a little Fonz move to see how "cool" he was!
He is so goofy!

Bella and I are next to our beautiful short tree!
Our tree is short and usually crammed in the corner with the couches blocking the little ones from knocking it over. We have spent many Christmas times cleaning up a knocked down Christmas tree and this short tree seems to work perfect for us!

The kids went the the Bear Mill and made Jack-Jack this little puppy dog dressed in a super hero costume! It was a very fun project for them and they were excited to see his reaction Christmas morning.

Bella is all dolled up in her fun Christmas accessories!

Notice Rex and his new Elmo! He was so excited from the moment he saw Elmo's feet! Thanks to Grandpa & Grandma A for the larger than life Elmo,
he'll be Rex's best pal for many adventures!

Obi loves Star Wars and Transformers. He was spoiled with lots of Star Wars & Transformers!

All the candy!!!
My dad prepared a wonderful Christmas morning breakfast at their house and lots of presents! It is very nice to have family so close especially during the holidays! All the kids were extra spoiled by Grandpa & Grandma B this Christmas, I think they out did Santa Clause this year!

Jack-Jack is so COOL!
We hope you all had a wonderful holiday!
We most certainly did and love the spirit of the holiday!

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