Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Porter Family Reunion Escalante

We went up to Escalante for the Porter Family Reunion this Memorial Day weekend. Mr. A's great-Grandparents on his dad's side were born and raised in this small town. It was a very eventful weekend: Mr. A's high school had their graduation ceremony (Friday), Bella finished up the first grade (Friday), and we drove to Escalante (Saturday morning). This reunion has been going on for 30 years, it is a favorite of Mr. A's parents. We have not attended before and Mr. A wanted to go one last time before it really ends (this was planned to be the last). Escalante is a quaint town surrounded by several national parks (West is Bryce Canyon, East is Escalante Grande Staircase, and South is Zions). We arrived shortly before 11am on Saturday, we attended the formal program with announcements, presentations, and a luncheon. All of Grandpa A's children were there, they took some group pictures after the program. We took all the little ones on a hike in the Escalante Petrified forest, went canoeing on the lake, slid down the rocks at the Slick Rocks, counted Moki marbles, climbed the rocks at Devil's Garden, cooked in the dutch oven, ate s'mores, sang songs by the campfire and slept in tents. It was a busy weekend. We even ended up going through Zion's park on our way home and spent a little time playing out there with the kids! I have lots of pictures to share but would sure like anyone who has additional pictures from the reunion to please share. I didn't get many except of my little ones (they're just so darn cute I cannot help myself).

cousinsMr. A's sisters and mom Mr. A's brothers and dad @ Moki marbles
@ campsite

Jack-Jack and Mr. A's brother @ Escalante Elementary
playing on the dinosaur
on top of the rocks @ Devil's Garden
caught red handed "collecting" Moki marbles dressed as a fugitive
Jack-Jack swimming in the Moki marbles sliding down @ Slick Rock
Jack-Jack with his latest crush
He even blew her kisses!!!
Jack-Jack & Rex @ Escalante Elementary

Rex on a real slide "posing" @ Slick Rock
Jack-Jack sliding down the rocks
Cousins playing at a fort they found
@ the bottom of Slick Rock
Bella taking a break before she split her pants on Slick Rock @ Petrified Forest
@ Petrified Forest
Jack-Jack catching some Zzzz
The babies at the bottom of Slick Rock trying to find their own way up
Sliding on Slick Rock as the journey began
Rex hiking @ Petrified Forest
Bella being a true tourist reading the pamphlets



Meet the Falkners said...

Comments!!! Woo Hoo, I see you guys figured it out! I love the pictures. It was good to see you guys and even get to chat briefly (mostly about blogs) at the reunion. I am glad you posted so many pictures, looks like you had as much fun as we did!

spaceyhawks said...

I'm so glad you have comments on here now. Well you probably have had them for a while and I have been a slacker of checking it out. Anyway, the pictures are adorable, and so are your kids!!! Are you still in St. George? My inlaws live in Winchester Hills, we were just down there a few weeks ago. I'll have to come say hi next time we are there.

Darci said...

I found you:)
You all look like you had a blast. Let me know if I can add you on my blog.
Miss you guys tons!!!!!