Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our secret is out!

We've had a very busy week and it all started last Sunday when they announced the release of our bishopric. I've been telling Zack for a while now that he was going to be involved somehow with our bishopric. He kept telling me he wasn't but when he received a call from the Stake President's office last Sunday he felt a little different. Zack and I were invited to meet with one of the Stake Presidency. It was a major anxious moment for both of us! Zack was asked to accept a call as the 2nd Counselor in our bishopric. This calling is very demanding of his time and talents. I was thrilled that it was all coming together and he was just about ready to throw up. He called his parents and asked his dad if he would be willing to come and ordain him a high priest. They were able to come and support Zack, he was very relieved to be able to have both his dad and mom be a part of this special occasion for him.

On Friday night we were able to attend the Tailgating party for Pine View as it was their Homecoming game night! Zack's parents flew in the Las Vegas and met up with us there. We watched a very intense and clumsy game. The Panthers played Hurricane high and barely beat them in the second overtime. Saturday morning Zack went with his parents to the temple, which he really seemed to enjoy. I stayed home with the kiddos and entertained them. We met up with my parents and little brother TJ later that day at the Quail Creek Reservoir for a picnic. It was nice, relaxing and free!!! Who doesn't like a free day on the lake?!?

Sunday we attended sacrament meeting where Brother Lamourex was sustained as bishop, Brother Bennion was sustained as 1st Counselor, and Brother Alvey was sustained as 2nd Counselor. I was quite emotional with teary eyes and all, I am so proud that he has honored his priesthood and been given this opportunity to be an instrument in the Lord's hands to help this ward progress. I felt strongly that this was no random call, it is from God, it is inspired! Zack spent some time after church learning a little about how things work. We then had a luncheon with those who could attend. I am very thankful to all those who are such a great support to our family. I am very thankful to all the sisters who offered to help with the children during sacrament meeting while Zack is up on the stand helping the bishop. This will be an amazing testimony builder for all of us!


W and S said...

What a great experience this is going to be for you guys, challenging, but great!

EgbertFamily said...

Her full name is Brynlee Elizabeth, but if I have to go with Lizzy, I like Lizabeth, Ryan still calls her Brynlee when we are talking health, school, birthdays and such, but she answers best to Izzaboo, or Wizzaboo. :) And again Good Luck and Congrats!!!

Goldie said...

Wow! Congratulations and good luck on the calling to both you and Zack. That's a demanding position and I'm sure you'll have your challenges with the kids during sacrament meeting with Zack on the stand. I'm sure a lot of blessings will be the result. OH... I thought the family pictures turned out good too. Thanks. It was definately worth the struggle (you know what I mean haha).

Keith and Laura said...

I couldn't help but post this quote that was said to President Hinckley by one of his mission companions:
"Well, you must have helped an old lady across the street in the pre-existence. This has not come because of anything you’ve done here."