Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jed's BYU Graduation

We traveled back up north early Friday morning to attend Jed's graduation. He graduated with his bachelor's in mechanical engineering just like Charles did the year before. It was a big graduation for the engineering department, there were 500 graduates! The speeches alone took over an hour. Zack apologized to anyone who went to his graduation afterwards saying they're just too long. We are very proud of Jed and all his hard work! Aubrey has been a great support for him. I was there not too long ago and remember how much you sacrifice to support your husband through schooling. Jed's taking a break this next year from school and applying MIT the fall 2012. That should be fun for them!

Aubrey put on a party to celebrate Jed's graduation over at their house. There was lots of food, games and visiting. The adults really got into a four-square game, it started out for the kids but quickly became an adult game with way too many rules and no mercy! Aubrey kept the kids busy with a pinata filled with candy and some bean bag tosses. It was lots of fun and a nice break from all the sadness of the last couple weeks.

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Laney said...

I did a double-take on Zack. He looks like Eric - a lot!