Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Krystal Alvey Egbert

On March 6, 1983 a star from heaven came to earth. Krystal "star" Alvey was born, a beautiful baby girl, perfect in every way. Krystal was a loving baby who loved to snuggle and play. She was independent from the very beginning and always did things in her own friendly, loving way. She spent her time collecting friends and making them feel like family.

Her long brown hair was almost as pretty as her contagious smile. She loved her hair and wanted it to be as long as Crystal Gale's hair. Her Aunt Cheryl was combing her hair one day and told Krystal she was gorgeous. Krystal threw back her hair like a movie star and said "I dorgeous!" She was our only "dorgeous" girl.

Growing up little Krystal could be found following her older brother and sister riding a big wheel and wearing her favorite purple dress and leading her younger brothers on creative adventures while living in blanket forts.

Krystal was the middle child of 5 and some days she didn't know how she fit in our family. She always did things her own way and sometimes backwards for fun. She would dress up in nice warm clothes in the summer and shorts and t-shirts in the winter. She was the only one in our house who didn't like spaghetti, which I never understood. She came up with a fun game to help us understand where she came from by telling everyone she was from Mars. She even drew herself as a martian for a school assignment and her teacher commented "Krystal, you are my favorite martian." Krystal was always my favorite martian too.

Krystal loved all her family - aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins. Krystal loved all her cousins and spent lots of time with Faith E. and all the girls at the Crosby house. She was heartbroken when her Grandpa B and Grandma A died and she always kept a special place in her heart for them. She was always the best resource for knowing what was going on in anyone's life in our family. Krystal kept close track of all our cousins.

She loved her younger brothers and loved helping them get into mischief. She had a way of convincing her brothers to do what she wanted. She would dress them up in her dresses and she would get them to carry her bag home from school.

As she got older she became close friends with Charles and Jedediah - walking home from school, sharing friends, wearing their clothes, and keeping track of all the girls the boys were dating. The three of them took German in Jr High so they could talk to each other in a funny language, though it was harder than they thought.

She loved her older brother and sister very much. She looked up to them and always wanted to do everything they did. She shared everything with her sister Shenille, they were roommates and shared clothes, toys and friends. Krystal loved to boss Shenille around and their was a phrase that was heard more than once, that was a quote from a silly TV show about dinosaurs, "Not the Mama." As the girls got older, Krystal got jobs at Hogi Yogi and the pet groomers to try to be like her big sister. She followed her to Dixie College to be like her big sister too.

She adored her intelligent, humble, wonderful, smart, funny, handsome, big brother Zack. She always wanted to play with the boys. She would always humor him and laugh at his jokes and tease him about his school crushes. I would sometimes frustrate her with my teasing and if I really got under her skin she would suck in cheeks and pucker her lips and I would run for my life. Her journals showed that she really missed me when I left for my mission and got married. She took my wife, Alisha, under her wing as a sister and I have been flattered and proud to be Krystal's big brother as she tried to model her life after me and my family. I love her so much and I was not done being her big brother.

In Jr High and High school Krystal was crazy about boys. She was always talking about all the cute boys she had crushes on. She would talk with her little brothers about boys, she talk to her cousins about boys, she would talk to her best friend Stephanie about boys, and it was fun reading in her journal about all the boys she liked to hang out with. She chose Auto shop over Home Ec in High school because she knew that is where she would find the boys. She always knew where to find the boys. When she went off to college in Dixie she found one sitting in the boys dorms watching football waiting for her to come along.

Ryan and Krystal fell in love and were married in March 2003 for time and all eternity in the Bountiful temple. Ryan and Krystal were a perfect match and they brought three little angels into the world. Krystal finally got to be the mama.

Throughout her life Krystal saw the world differently than most people. She was much more interested in people and relationships and friends than she was in things, rewards and possessions. She made friends everywhere she went and always treated her friends like they were family. She was always sweet and kind and just wanted to play and have fun. She was a loving mother who tried hard to please her babies. She genuinely made you feel like she cared. She took notice of the little things and was full of compliments. Krystal loved all of her family and wanted to be loved unconditionally.

Krystal loved her Grandma Alvey and it was very hard on her to see her go. In High school Krystal kept a journal and on each page it started, "Dear Sharon." I would like to add one more short entry.

Dear Sharon,

Our precious Krystal Star is on her way to Heaven to see you. Please let her know that we love her and we are so thankful that we could have her in our family and give her a big hug. We miss our Krystal Star.



Keith and Laura said...

So sorry to hear about your sister.

Laney said...

I shouldn't read this during lunch!! Thank you Zack and Alisha for posting this. I ALWAYS felt Krystal's love for me and felt like I was her favorite cousin. She sure caught that lesson well from Gramps! I love you guys, more than words can express.

Gramma & Grampa said...

Thank you Zack and Alisha for posting this - my heart is so full of love for my family and so grateful to have had everyone around as we said good-bye for now to Krystal!