Monday, April 18, 2011

Katelyn turns 10 years old!

Katelyn was very spoiled for her birthday. Grandma Benson asked if we would throw her a party up in Salt Lake since it was so close to her birthday. Saturday afternoon we threw a party for her. Sam and Lindsey brought her over to their house on Friday night and let her sleep over. The girls giggled and played until 3 am. Then Aunt Sid and Uncle Mark spoiled all the kids before the birthday party when they took them over to watch Rio, a bird movie, and then off to McDonald's for lunch and playtime. Lots of family came over to Grandma Benson's home for the party. She was showered with lots of presents and attention. My parents were kind enough to bring the cake and ice cream since they were in town for Krystal's funeral and a homecoming on Sunday. My mom picked out a cake that had blue and orange flowers which seemed to be a bit of a tribute to Krystal since she was attending Boise State University when she passed away. I think Ryan would have enjoyed the cake but he was spending some time with his side of the family on Saturday.

Monday night my family came over to our house and threw Katie another birthday party! It was pretty low key but she was showered with presents and cake and loved every minute of it. Since everything happened right before Katie's birthday, I wasn't quite in the mood but wanted to make sure she knew how important she is to us. I felt bad not making her cake but she picked out a great ice cream cake from Dairy Queen and got everything she asked for. Everyone seemed to pick up the slack for me and made sure things happened the right way. I sure appreciated that! We love all of our children and realize even more how important every minute counts. I hope that I can be a better mom to my kids and make sure that they know I love them.

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